Don’t think too much. You are not buying our Scoreboard. For now, Just Consider ‘visibility and accuracy’ of the Scoreboards

Watch a demo of Cricket ScoreboardWatch a demo of Soccer Scoreboard
Why are the Scoreboards not for sale ?

Our scoreboards are still in the research and development phase. The design cost is very high and selling price of large Scoreboards are around $1000 for Soccer and $10000 for Cricket. If we sell our Scoreboards, we will have to offer maintenance, warranty, etc. and that we cannot offer with a small team and small investment.  We are still designing some modules and we can confirm the reliability of our Scoreboards after testing it at hundreds of venues. Therefore, we are not in a position to sell the Scoreboards.

Do the Scoreboards work with iOS/iPhone ?

Yes, the Scoreboards work with iPhones also. You will have to use a third party PAID app to operate it. We do not recommend using iphone because there is no dedicated app.

Scoreboard is not a personal device. If you don’t have Android phone, you can ask your other players to use their Android phone to operate the Scoreboard.There are 22 players in a match and there will always be one person who uses Android phone and that’s enough.

Why do we need 30 bookings to start production

Making a Scoreboard takes a lot of money, time and effort. It costs a lot of money to import the displays. We can save thousands of dollars if we make at least 30 Scoreboards.

When will we start serving the clubs ?

We need at least 30 clubs to book for the Scoreboards. If we meet our target, we will start building the Scoreboards.If everything goes according to our plan, we should start serving from April, 2023.

How far can we see the scores?

Scoreboard can easily be seen from 150 metres away

What is the operating range of Bluetooth ?

Scoreboards can be operated from a distance of 250m. You can operate it from anywhere on the ground. You can operate it up to a point where you can see the scores clearly.

Please write us if you have any questions