Scoreduino Scoreboards are designed and made in St Marys, NSW, Australia
What is Scoreduino ?

SCOREDUINO is a name of a project dedicated to designing scoreboards, timers, seven segment display drivers and apps. It is also a method for designing digital scoreboards and drivers.

The term ‘SCOREDUINO’ is also used to represent different apps, scoreboards, and timers based on the SCOREDUINO method.

All the Apps, scoreboards, seven segment display drivers, timers and the online store are designed by Sagar Sapkota.

Scoreduino project started in January 2019. We have made 105 modules to test Scoreduino method and designed 50 digital scoreboards, timers and up/down counters.

How Scoreduino Scoreboards are designed ?


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About and

SCOREDUINO is a project of by Sagar Sapkota). The Scoreduino project is now divided into two parts:

  1. It is an online store for selling small scoreboards that are primarily used for indoor games.
  2. This website lists the scoreboards that are available for hire. We are currently offering SCOREC(Cricket Scoreboards with 10 inches displays) and SCORE4 (Soccer Scoreboard)