The scoreboards shown on this website are available for hire. Scoreboards are NOT FOR SALE.

1. Updated on 01/11/2022– Now the scoreboard displays live scores shows on ‘Cricclubs app’. Works for 100% matches including ‘Cricket World Cup’. Watch the demo.

We are not associated/affiliated with cricclubs.

2. Updated on 11/17/2022- Now the scoreboard displays each ball of the overs. For example, 20.4, 3.5, etc. See this image.

3. Updated on 20/2/2023- Scoreboard can display PLAYHQ.COM scores also. We use API provided by PLAYHQ.


Manual mode (control distance: INFINITE). Works from anywhere.

Auto mode- and scores

Now the scoreboard displays LIVE scores of all the matches posted on 'CRICCLUBS App'  and PLAYHQ.COM Watch the NEW demo.

Cricket Scoreboard With RED displays (DEMO)Cricket Scoreboard With GREEN displays (DEMO)
The app downloads live scores from cricclubs app and and sends to the scoreboard.

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LIVE matches going on every Sunday at Cathrine Park Cricket ground.

If you live close to St Marys(Penrith Council, NSW), we can show you a live demo at LANG PARK: 1B Carinya Ave, St Marys NSW 2760.

Scoreboards Available for demonstration on weekends and weekdays from 10:00AM to11:30AM.

If you want to use the scoreboard for your cricket match, you can write us at or send text message at 045 1746 024. Please do not call.

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