ALL STAR MEDIA hires Scoreduino CRICKET SCOREBOARD For Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL)

ALL STAR MEDIA hired SCORE-C Scoreduino based digital CRICKET SCOREBOARD for Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL) 2023 matches. There are three matches held every Sunday at Cathrine Park Community Centre Cricket ground.The Scoreboard has helped the cricketers see their LIVE scores on the displays. The ‘Scoreduino- LIVE app’ gets LIVE scores directly from website and […]

Scoreduino’s Cricket Scoreboard has two major updates

Scoreduino’s large(10 inches displays) digital Cricket Scoreboard is available for hire in Sydney. When we first released the scoreboard, the app was designed to update the scores manually. Users entered the scores and it showed up on the scoreboard display. Besides, the OVERS display showed only two number, it didn’t show each ball count of […]